SKIN79 Egg White Bright Up Cream 100ml

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Product Description


Whitening cream instant membuat kulit cerah dan halus.
Dengan kandungan extract putih telur dan white flower complex yang dipercaya sejak ribuan tahun sebagai perawatan kulit yang efektif, instant bercahaya, mengatasi kekusaman kulit dan juga mencerah kan wajah / whitening care.

Whitening cream that instantly makes skin glow white as a boild egg.
Whitening cream that transforms uneven, dull skin tone into clear,
bright skin with an instant glow & whitening effect as boiled egg.
Full moisture and soft creamy type gives moisturizing feeling without dryness
and cares skin to become clearer, more transparent with the syneagy of
White Flower Complx that provides skin protection.

Instantly Brightening Care :Contains Niacinamide and White Flower Complex that continue brightening effect
Full Moisture with Soft Creamy Type: Plenty of moisture with soft creamy type that makes skin glow white as a boiled egg
Mild Formula Without Washing Of : Containing mild natural origin ingredient without any harmful ingredient, it is safe to apply on your face and also safe for sensitive skin with mild formula

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Weight 250 g


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