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Brush kualitas tinggi dengan super soft synthetic hair, bisa digunakan untuk pemakaian 3 tahun

3 alasan mengapa anda disarankan untuk menggunakan brush pada saat menggunakan BB cream:
1.Perfection Texture, menciptakan texture lebih halus dibandingkan dengan tangan
2. Clean hand, membuat tangan tidak kotor oleh sisa BB cream
3. Professional way Mencegah bakteri, saat aplikasi BB cream bisa saja tangan anda memberi bakteri pada kulit
* sangat disarankan untuk rutin mencuci brush setelah pemakaian beberapa kali

for 3 reasons you should use a brush to apply BB your BB cream.
Get a Smoother Finish – This new brush is specifically designed for use with these new creams to create a smoother application. Using your fingers transfer oils from your hands to your face and can yield a splotchy or streaky result. The densely packed bristles in the skin perfecting brush makes sure your product goes on smoothly and looks great.
Reach Every Angle – The angled edge of the brush allows for easy application of hard-to-reach areas on the face like your eyes and nose. You’ll be able to seamlessly blend your cream into every nook.
Avoid Breakouts – Another downfall of using your fingers to apply a base is that the oils from your fingers can irritate your delicate facial skin and cause breakouts. Using a clean brush eliminates that risk and is gentler on existing blemishes – so that pimple on your chin won’t get worse.

A versatile foundation brush for use with all formulations that creates a natural finish with high coverage
This foundation brush can create different types of coverage with the same foundation. Simply pat/press to give a full coverage look, brush in a half circle for medium coverage, and brush in long sweeps to add sheer coverage. Apply liquid or cream foundation in a circle to the cheeks using your fingers and use one of the brush application techniques to cover your face. When using compact foundation, just dab the brush lightly on the compact and apply starting on the cheeks.
This ingenious professional mixed fiber brush is engineered with dual length bristles and a unique balance of natural and synthetic materials to deliver exquisite application and blending of BB and CC creams

precious bb cream brush

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Weight 250 g


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