LANEIGE Original Essence White Plus Renew 40ml

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Versi baru dari White Plus Essence. Proses mencerahkan dan memutihkannya 2x lebih cepat di banding versi lama. selain itu, essence ini juga lebih mudah menyerap. Bisa digunakan oleh semua jenis kulit.

Laneige has reformulated the White Plus Renew Original Essence formula with the worlds first Cell-Water-Glow technology, now with our new and improved Advanced Melacrusher formula.

The essence revitalises both melanin and dead skin cells, charging both with the ability to absorb more moisture and nutrients for brighter, translucent skin with a more even tone.

What is Advanced Melacrusher?

The Advanced Melacrusher deploys skins natural melanin to destroy excessive melanin in the skin by stimulating natural autophagic biological processes, for milky clean skin.

Laneige’s secret brightening formula = 2 Tones Up in 8 weeks
The BEST of Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence_EX

1. New and improved Advanced Melacrusher formula

Advanced Melacrusher works in three ways: it penetrates 2x deeper into melanin cells with green tea protein, offers a 2x stronger brightening effect with double the amount of melanin-crushing truffle yeast, and offers 2x purer tone-up effects with saururus, a vegetable ingredient that further reduces skin irritation.

2. Global Awards Selection: Laneige No. 1 in brightening products

Laneige Original Essence has established itself as the number one brightening product in the Korea, Greater China and ASEAN regions. It has been selected by Asian beauty awards and beauty magazines over and over again, proving its lasting popularity in Asia.

3. 4 FREE

The White Plus renew line is free from paraben, animal ingredients, artificial pigments and mineral oil, so they are safe for all skin types and will not clog up pores.

Whitening technology makes your skin transparent

A moment that moisture whitening is required!
– When you care about dull and uneven skin tone
– When you feel your skin looks dull and dark
– When you want to apply natural and soft make- up
– When you want to have a fair skin with no make-up on it
– When you need moist and transparent skin

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